8 Reasons Why Pet Parents Are Switching To Spot & Tango

You’ve been feeding your dog the same food for their entire life – why change it now? Here’s why so many pet parents are upgrading to Spot & Tango.

1. Our recipes can help dogs live better, longer lives.

Seriously. There's a growing body of evidence in the veterinary community that points to numerous health benefits of freshly prepared dog food. From a shinier coat, to increased energy levels and relief from allergies, Spot & Tango could make a real difference in the health of your pup.

2. Our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.

Spot & Tango started with ingredients purchased from the farmer's market, and our commitment to high quality food has never wavered. We only use whole ingredients you know and recognize -- lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, and high quality carbohydrates all sourced from local farms. Nothing artificial. No cheap fillers, no additives and no preservatives. Ever.

3. We have a 100% Happy Pup Guarantee

Have a picky eater? No worries. Spot & Tango has a 100% Happy Pup Guarantee -- if your dog doesn't love our food, we'll give you your money back. It's that simple.

4. The experts approve.

Spot & Tango's recipes exceed expectations across the board. We perfected our formulas with animal nutritionists, so vets approve. We've got the thumbs up from the Association of American Feed Control Offcials (AAFCO) and our kitchens are USDA-certified. The big names are on-board.

5. Sustainable delivery, direct to your door.

Spot & Tango makes it easy to feed your dog fresh, real food. We deliver meals on a flexible, regular schedule in our eco-friendly packaging. Our insulation keeps packages cold, then dissolves in your sink! You can feel good about your dog’s food and the environment.

6. Plans are customized.

Every dog is different, and Spot & Tango takes each dog’s needs seriously. Using our proprietary questionnaire, we customize pre-portioned meal plans based on your dog’s age, weight, breed, and health goals.

7. Dogs love it.

Thousands of dogs can't be wrong – the taste of Spot & Tango meals just doesn't compare to commercial kibbles. And you’ll be amazed by the healthy effect of a real food diet.

8. You love your dog(s).

If you've gotten this far, you obviously care a lot about your dog(s). It’s time to try Spot & Tango, and if you're not convinced...see number #3.

Want to give it a try?

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